SwipeIt - An application to discuss threats in Social Media

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The RIAS team is currently working on an application called “SwipeIt” to be played by teenagers, typically on a mobile device. Users are asked to categorize pictures taken from the internet along the dimensions of hate speech, cyber mobbing, verbal violence and discrimination.

The results can be used by teachers for discussions in a classroom. For this purpose, a specialized teacher dashboard is provided to aggregate the “votings” and reflect them with the students.

Three goals are pursued by this game:

  1. Enable classes to reflect on their own perception of toxic/non-toxic content in a social media context, esp. on the difference in perceiving the same picture (e.g. is it fun or hate speech?)
  2. Generate data associated to images as a basis for training the AI algorithms that underlie Courage’s companion to guide the students.
  3. Trying to understand how students perceive toxic content and if they are capable of identifying it.