Social services are under pressure: the number of people who are dependent on care and support is increasing. At the same time, the challenges for the providers of social services (e.g., outpatient or inpatient care services, care and support in daily life) are high: more and more demand of social services - fewer and fewer people who see their careers in organizations of social services. In addition, the economic pressure is increasing: Social services have to pay off! Social service providers are required to comply with their cost level while ensuring a high level of support and quality of work in order to work productively. This is no easy task. The tension between the desire to optimize costs, claims of customers of the service as well as the expectations of the employees at their work is great.

The project develops "cockpit" and tested approaches with which the productivity of social services in the context of cost-effectiveness, quality of work and support quality ("productivity triangle") measured, designed and can be evaluated.