• FreeStyler

    The Freestyler is a flexible tool that combines aspects of an interactive electronic board with the advantages of simulations. It supports both the work in everyday business by the possibility of a simple concept maps and mind maps and hold facilitation protocols and to share, as well as specific learning applications in the fields of mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and computer science. The powerful plug-in system allows the development of additional, customer-specific applications.

  • Mobilogue

    Mobilogue stands for "Mobile Location Guidance" and is a mobile learning application for (location-based) guides, quizzes and learning games. The application uses 2D codes and GPS information to identify the current location of the learner and shows location-based information and learning games. The Android app is being developed in collaboration with the University of Duisburg-Essen. We offer you to develop individual (learning) scenarios with you and implement it.

  • Open Innovation Audit

    The open innovation audit includes an assessment of organizational skills to the opening of innovation processes. The audit includes the criteria "Organizational readiness" such as cultural openness, dynamic adaptability, "the ability to cooperate," such as Inside-out and outside-in collaboration and "knowledge absorption", i.e. identification, assimilation, transformation and exploitation of knowledge. For more information on the Open Innovation Audit, please contact us.