Employee survey

How satisfied are your employees? What about your company and culture of trust?

The employee survey is a questionnaire-based instrument to make the opinion of the employees in the company transparent.

With the help of the survey you get to predefined questions and topics subjective opinion of a picture of the different stakeholders in your business. On the one hand helps the survey, existing innovation and optimization potential within the company to disclose and so to make the players affected by the change processes to stakeholders. On the other hand you get to the interview an overview of current and future potentials and challenges from the perspective of the employees, which is particularly valuable as a control variable for own assessments. The questions can thereby deliver results both for internal company as well-external topics.

Furthermore serves the employee survey, in addition to the involvement of employees in the change process, an increase in the transparency of the development of the company and sets the prevailing corporate culture of trust and can simultaneously help to positively influence them.

We offer: 
  • Design and implementation of employee surveys
    • Adapted to your specific needs and issues
    • E.g. in terms of innovation potential of your business
  • Evaluation and preparation of survey results
  • Subsequent consultation on possible measures with regard to the company's goal
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