Trend monitoring and trend Awareness

The Internet has changed. From individuals who provide dedicated information into the network towards a place of discussion, of questioning and of providing content through everyone. Much information and knowledge are generated by the interaction in so-called social web with the help of social media. For a long time, there are companies that use this trend to operate, for example, social media marketing. However, the aim is often to make the company's own, existing products known and to attract new customers. It is often overlooked that the potential customers bring for interests and ideas.

Modern analytical tools and methods, however, make it possible to identify the hot topics of the respective community and at the same time to specifically address pilot customers and potential early adopters, so that new products can be tailored developed.

We offer: 
  • Continuous analysis of your community with the aim of identifying
    • Hot Topics
    • Early adopters / pilot customers
    • Experts
  • Accompanied by trend-and innovation-related organizational development measures
  • Research and development of business models based on the knowledge gained
Reference products: