Customer and market analyzes

How customers think about your company?

The systematic identification and analysis of information on existing and potential customers (target groups) are the core of the customer analysis. Here are the requirements and needs, and the needs, desires and attitudes of individual customers analyzed. The market analysis provides in contrast to tailor information about an "anonymous" market and provides information on the status quo of the target market as well as to market potential, - volume and market structure.

What are the relevant markets?

The market analysis is used to represent the current market situation. Here, both internal company and market data, such as sales figures or production, as well as external market data, such as economic data or social trends, used for information and decision making.

The so-achieved results are used for the diagnosis of the achieved market position of the company, the forecasting of future market developments as well as for the assessment of possible customer needs.

Components of market analysis, in addition to the customer and competitor analysis, analysis of the market potential for your products and services, the analysis of market development, product life cycle analysis and the development of recommendations for the further development of your business model.

We offer: 
  • What are the reasons for the customers to buy your products and services?
  • What requirements, needs and desires are your customers?
  • As from a customer perspective looks the ideal product / the ideal service?
  • What is an appropriate means to increase customer loyalty?
  • How can your customer segment? What are the top-selling and most profitable customers? Which customers are the most important ones, which the least important?
  • What are your advantages and disadvantages to your customers when compared to the competitors in the market?
  • Which target groups are for the company on the current customer base also of importance?
  • How can to acquire new customers?
  • How can the customer address be optimized?
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