Competence profiling

What skills have your employees? What skills they need in the future?

For companies, it is in times of increasing competition for talented and highly qualified staff more important than ever to find out which employees are actually competent and which development potential is in them. Besides the actual professional qualifications key skills or soft skills are now essential part of the competence profile. But the question how to actually find specialists and managers and can be developed is not so easy to answer. The basic problem is already underlying in the field of education and training. The education system is often aligned only on imparting knowledge and qualifications. A transfer of the acquired knowledge into practice is often not easy. Sure skills, knowledge and skills are essential components of problem-solving skills in professional practice are composed of:

  • Professional competence ("Dealing with acquaintances")
  • Methodical competence ("Dealing with the unknown")
  • Social competence ("dealing with others")
  • Individual competence ("Dealing with themselves")

The goal is to employ the employees according to their skills in your organization to purposefully qualify and continue to evolve to cope with both the current and future challenges and needs of your business the best possible way.

We offer: 
  • Create a customized catalog of competences taking into account current trends and megatrends
  • Creating profiling tools for your business
  • Creation of training concepts for qualification of your employees
  • Organization and conducting of seminars and training courses for example in the field:
    • Employee Management
    • Innovation Management
    • Learning and teaching with new technologies
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