The Association

Systeminnovation is…
…a holistic innovation that leads to profound changes in social, technological and organizational dimensions and their relationships with each other. It can include elements of classic innovation types (such as product and process innovations), but it is basically due to changes in system structures beyond.

The RIAS e.V is a non-profit research institute.

The focus of our research is in the area of ​​innovation management and competence development, including the associated technologies to support learning and the management of the (online) communities. The RIAS developed these concrete plans of action for companies and other innovation actors.

Our focus areas are:

  • Workplace Innovation Management
  • Individual, organizational and regional competence development using modern technologies
  • Development of learning strategies and technologies in particular cooperative systems
  • Technologies and processes to support creativity and promotion
  • Demographic change and employability
  • Regional development (cooperation of innovation actors for the implementation of regional innovation clusters, technology and know-how transfer, start-ups)