SESAM - Specific activation of immigrant businesses in the Lower Rhine region

In the Lower Rhine region (city of Duisburg, Kreis Kleve, Wesel), the share of international companies is above average, almost one in ten companies - around 5,000 in total - has an international background. They have a permanent and important place in the economy, and help that many jobs will be created. On the Lower Rhine are mainly Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian or Russian companies or companies where management has a corresponding background. A large variety that should be exploited!


Often, these companies cannot fully develop their economic power, as they have to overcome certain challenges, such as

  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Insufficient knowledge regulatory requirements and structures
  • Insufficient knowledge of finance and support services,
  • Little or no industry experience
  • Lack of commercial, personal and business or legal knowledge.

Shortage of skilled workers? Demographic change?

  • None / personnel managers should these developments be unknown.
  • Often, however, there is a lack of capacity and skills of strategic training and systematic staff development to plan and conduct.