The project aims at the social, technical and organizational support for knowledge-intensive collaboration work in dynamic networks. Such work is structured primarily in the context of projects in time, objectively and socially. The proposed research therefore includes projects but also organizational networks within which projects differentiate itself as a basal unit of analysis. Be focused relationships of cooperative collaboration, project-based organizational development (creation and dissolution), the development of sustainable professional networks and the formation of organizational partnerships. The aim of this research project is to provide social, technical and management-related proposals for the solution of problems and inconsistencies Virtual Company, whose origins are generally believed in the temporary nature of virtual collaboration. Core of the research project is thus an interdisciplinary analysis of virtual networks of projects from a sociological, information science and business point of view.

A key objective is to formulate from the perspective of these disciplines conditions for a humane job design and employee promoting human resource management in network-like contexts. Here, both projects as temporary units as well as employees who are part of a network-based cooperation on integration in such projects, subject of research. This strategy intends to structural features of project-based networking are illuminated, on the other developments will be documented on the micro-biographical level. From this, three working objectives derived:

  • The reconstruction of conditions for the temporal, material and social structure and reproduction of project-based cooperation work
  • Providing solutions to improve the technical and social design virtually organized learning processes
  • The exploration of personnel management concepts which make it possible to organize work in a project-like network