Skills development and process support in 'open innovation' networks in the IT industry through knowledge modeling and analysis. 

The aim of the project is to establish the context of the discussion about "open innovation" a platform for interactive value-added partnerships and thus a corresponding industry-specific knowledge and human resources management in the digital economy. This measure will allow to define job descriptions and competency profiles of the digital economy so and adapted to ensure that they give the market players as well as education and training providers a clear direction to overcome the current barriers to innovation and to address future innovation and growth requirements. There are meant such obstacles to innovation, resulting from the inefficient use of human resources arise (e.g. rigid staff development, lack of incentive systems, or impervious organizational structures). The reducing barriers to innovation in the long run, so that fully develop the industry sector specific innovation potential.

The following lines of work have been pursued:

  • Management of interactive value-added partnerships (intra-industry over the cross-industry (B2B) and hybrid partnerships (B2C) with the end customer),
  • Knowledge and Human Resource Management - Capacity building for (Open) Innovation,
  • Implicit innovation work - Obstacles and Opportunities for the visualization of innovation activities in KMU,
  • Research on Open Innovation in KMU
  • Creating a software-based model for a competency-promoting innovation strategy for the successful implementation of open innovation for value creation partnerships in the IT industry.